An Important Message to the Community

Ilana Blass, Esq.

(This message was originally published in YUConnects To-Go 5773, Part 2, pg. 91)

An Important Message to Our Rabbinic Colleagues, Students, and Community 

We are pained by the challenges facing individuals in our community who have been denied a get long after their marriage have been deemed irreconcilable. Many of these challenges could have been avoided had the couple signed a halakhically and legally valid prenuptial agreement at the time of their marriage. We therefore strongly urge all rabbit, educators, and community leaders to counsel and encourage engaged couples to sign such an agreement.

The widespread utilization of halakhic prenuptial agreement is a critical step in inoculating our community against the distressful problem of the modern-day agunah. Use of halakhic prenuptial agreement should become standard throughout the Jewish community for all engaged couples. Halakhic prenuptial agreements have been extremely effective in assuring gthe timely issuance of the get. Encouraging proper halakhic behavior in the sanctification and the dissolution of marriage will thereby demonstrate “de’rakheha darkhei noam, ve’khol netivoteha shalom” – the Torah’s ways are pleasant and all its paths are peaceful.


Signed _____________Signed____________Signed_____________

Rabbi Eliyahu Ben-Haim   Rabbi Yosef Blau    Rabbi Kenneth Brander


Rabbi Zevulun Charlop  Rabbi Daniel Feldman  Rabbi Ozer Glickman


Rabbi Dovid Hirsch          Rabbi David Horwitz          Rabbi Eliakim Koeningsberg


Rabbi Dr. Norman Lamm  Rabbi Yaakov Neuburger  Rabbi Yona Reiss


Rabbi Michael Rosensweig  Rabbi Yonason Sacks   Rabbi Hershel Schachter


Rabbi Ezra Schwartz        Rabbi Zvi Sobolofsky      Rabbi Daniel Strein


Rabbi Moshe D. Tendler  Rabbi Jeremy Wieder   Rabbi Mordechai Willig


Roshei Yeshiva, Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary,
an Affiliate of Yeshiva University, New York, NY
5772 –
Printed: March 2012


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