Thinking About A Divorce — Ask Yourself These Questions First

Rebecca E. Samson

If you are seriously contemplating ending your marriage, first ask yourself these important questions:

  1. Have you done everything you can to save your marriage? (Have you attended marriage therapy, couples therapy?)
  1. Are you prepared to survive on your own, especially emotionally and financially? (You cannot rely on your spouse supporting you and your children even if there is an agreement or court decree.)
  1. Has it been a very long time since you were intimate and affectionate with your spouse? (When was the last time you spent time alone with your spouse or took a vacation together?)
  1. Does everything about your spouse irritate you? (What irritates you about your spouse? Are these things that can be worked on?)
  1. Do you and your spouse argue daily or almost daily?

6.  Does your spouse say or do things that make you questions your self-worth?

7.  Does your spouse punish you, either physically or verbally, for your mistakes?

8.  Are you nervous or scared when you are with your spouse?

9.  Do you and your spouse ever laugh together?

10.  Do you truly understand what your reality will be when you are no longer married?

If the answer to a majority of these questions is yes, then you should speak to an attorney to determine the best way to end your marriage in the most cost efficient way that will protect you and your children.


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