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What is Kol-Isha?

Kol-Isha is the “go to” site for information on Jewish dating, marriage and divorce. We empower Jewish women by educating them about healthy dating, marriage, and divorce.

As two lawyers who have served the Jewish community for decades, we have fielded thousands of questions from women asking about their rights in marriage and divorce.

The same issues arise over and again, with many situations being completely avoidable had the couple communicated well at an earlier stage, or had the woman known what warning signs to look out for earlier– even as far back as dating. Other issues could have been avoided with proper planning and communication in areas such as finances and building a family. Seeing the severe lack in available information for Jewish women, we created a place where they can come for answers to questions they never knew to ask.

Here you will find information for the dating woman, the engaged woman, the married woman, the divorcing and divorced woman, as well as parents of brides and grooms. On this site you will find video interviews and articles with female legal, financial and medical professionals; therapists, and kallah teachers, as well as rabbis, and victims of domestic who offer their expertise and advice for you.

Asking questions can mean the difference between happiness and misery and sometimes even physical safety. Questions can be submitted to our Q&A section, which will be directed to experts to answer you in a timely, private and discreet fashion.


Why did we choose the name Kol-Isha?

The strict definition of Kol-Isha is the voice of a woman. So why did we name the website Kol-Isha? We want to give the Orthodox Jewish “frum” woman a means of expressing herself, expressing her voice and her ideas.  We want to give the Orthodox woman a vehicle to ask questions she never thought she could ask, a vehicle to find information that she needs quickly and to network with other women who have the same issues and concerns.

We are not here to give you more lectures, or Mussar.  We want to give you information. In order to do that we need to hear your voice  We need to hear what you need to know.

The world of today has changed dramatically for the frum woman of today than that of her mother.  Her challenges are great.  She is juggling many roles.  The pressures of large families have created and necessitated the need for both parents to be working.  Moreover, this generation of women is really the first generation of women with families who have had to face the trials and tribulations of being the “sandwich generation”.  Where do we run first?  To our husbands? To our parents? To our children? To our grandchildren? To work?  We must make our husband feel like kings…the obligation of Shalom Bayis is on our heads…our home must be a haven for our children, and of course we must have “kibud av  v’em “ to our parents and in-laws.  So, what do we do first and where are the boundaries?

We listen to Mussar lectures about how we must have patience, and how we must look to Tefilah and Tehilim so that our Neshamas can be nurtured.  Idealistically, that is wonderful and we should be doing it, but we are always listening and rarely do we have a chance to listen to our own voices.  How do we do it? How does our neighbor do it? Who do we speak to when we have just “had it”? How do we know when “enough is enough”? Where do we turn?

You turn to us. Kol-Isha wants to listen to YOUR VOICE, and to have conversations with YOU, FOR YOU.






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