Beis Din

Hazmana — Don’t Panic!

Margaret E. Retter, Esq.

YOU JUST RECEIVED AN HAZMANA — A SUMMONS TO BEIS DIN WHAT DO YOU DO? FIRST, DON’T PANIC! You realize that your relationship with your spouse has not been great la

The Time has Come for Uniform Beth Din Rules and Procedures — Part I

Daniel Retter, Esq.

(How to curb Beth Din abuse) There is no denying that we live in a litigious society, and, moreover, litigation is no longer the dominant domain of the secular courts. As

The Time has Come for Uniform Beth Din Rules and Procedures — Part II

Daniel Retter, Esq.

(or how to curb Beth Din abuse) Without referring to historical Batei Din in America, we must deal with the reality of the Beth Din in America in general, and New York i

A History of the Beis Din

Margaret E. Retter, Esq.

Definition: Beis Din-lit.  Bet Din  “House of Judgment” (pl. Battei Din). 1 Beis Din is the term in rabbinical sources, for a Jewish court of law.  In modern times

What is a Zabla?

Daniel Retter, Esq.

ZABLA. This is an acronym for “Zeh Borer Lo Aachas, Vezeh Boerer Lo Achas” He chooses one and he chooses one” (and the two choose the third); The chosen one is call

Potential Legal Conflicts with Jewish Law — Halacha

Margaret E. Retter, Esq.

(This article was excerpted with permission from “Jewish Law: Recent Development, Examining Halacha, Jewish Issues and Secular Law; Confidentiality and Rabbinic Cou

Jewish Divorce and the Role of the Bet Din

Rabbi Yona Reiss

It is vital that a Jewish couple obtain a Get upon their divorce. Without a Get, a couple remains married according to halakha even if they may have obtained a civil


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