The Get Process

Dispensation of a Hundred Rabbis (“Heter Meah Rabbonim”)

Margaret E. Retter, Esq.

A “Heter Meah Rabbanim”, which is literally translated as, “Dispensation by a Hundred Rabbis”, is a license, issued by a Beis Din (Jewish Court) permitting a Jewi

What is a Get?

Rebecca E. Samson

A Get is a dated and witnessed document where a husband states his intention to divorce his wife. It makes no mention of responsibility or fault or reason for the divorce

Why Do I Need A Get?

Rebecca E. Samson

According to the Torah, a Jewish couple’s marriage is terminated when a bill of divorce is given from the husband to the wife. This document, known by its Aramaic name,

The Get Proceeding

Rebecca E. Samson

It appears to be a mystery as to what happens at a Get proceeding, however, it really is a simple process. There is no hearing, no testimony and no judging. When both par

The Text of the Get


ב_______ בשבת, ב_______ ימים לירח _______, שנת_______ לבריאת עולם למנין שאנו מנין כאן ב_______ מתא דיתבא על נהר _


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